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Social and creative content in Spanish

Atraza helps businesses to connect with Spanish speaking online users in the US through valuable and quality interactive content.

We develop integrated digital and social media strategies to communicate effectively in Spanish with the Hispanic community and, most importantly, to engage them and build long-term loyal relationships with your brand.

Whether you are a small or medium business, with Atraza you choose the action plan that suits your needs and budget to achieve one main goal: improve your digital presence among the biggest minority group in the US.

Services to fit your budget

We introduce a new concept of agency where you build your own plan, so you can gradually invest in your digital communications according to your needs.

Choose one of our three engagement services –Social, Mimic or Bytes– and start an online plan for your business. You will have control of your budget from the beginning to the end of the project and get proven results through monthly social influence reports.

  • Social: Social Media Management [+]
  • Mimic: Spanish Professional Translation [+]
  • Bytes: Website Development [+]


User-centric experience

Our customized and sustainable digital and social media strategies connect with new or current customers. They help customers who are considering and evaluating the product or enjoying and proud to be part of your brand.

Atraza’s methology is based in three core steps, where the audience becomes the motor or raison d’etre of any communication and marketing action:

  • Discover: Learn about your audience and develop a strategy
  • Launch: Start interacting with the Hispanic community and make connections
  • Measure: Track the successes of your online communications and see real-time results!

Over 35 million Spanish speakers in the US

There are 50.5 million of Hispanics in the US and more than 70% of them speak Spanish, according to the Census Bureau. Moreover, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, beating other languages like Chinese, Italian or French.

Do you still need more reasons to use Spanish? See other surprising statistics below and find out why you should address your online communications in the “language of Cervantes”.

  • 19 million online Hispanics prefer Spanish or are bilingual in the US.
  • Hispanics are more likely to be found and engaged within Spanish language sites
  • Online Hispanics who speak Spanish are young and earn more than $40,000 a year
  • Spanish counts with 140 million users in the Internet around the globe
Hispanics who speak Spanish at home

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Why Pick Atraza?

One in five people always buy from brands they follow online. We help businesses build engaged Hispanic social networks to create brand advocates and reach untapped market segments.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee if you choose us we will double your social presence on the web within three months and we will get your business and brand in front of more Hispanics to expand your social influence.

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