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10 Key Goals In Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is integrated into most marketing strategies. In fact, 38% of advertisers always integrate social media functionality into their campaigns, and 34% do it frequently. Only 2% of social network advertisers have never been part of advertising planning, according to the study “The Rise of the Social Advertising“.

But what are the main objectives that marketers want to achieve through social media in their advertising campaigns? The report found the following findings:

  • 17% of advertisers wants to support product introductions or other announcements.
  • 13% are seeking to engage existing customers.
  • 12% deploy social ads to increase the size of the community or drive traffic to
    outside destinations.
  • 11% of respondents designed social ads to build brand awareness.

Source: "The Rise of the Social Advertising", The Pivot Conference

Companies mainly use social media to launch their products.

At the bottom half of the objectives, there was an interesting three-way draw at 9% between selling products, gaining feedback and intelligence, and generating leads. Lastly, with 4%, businesses tested social ads for shifting sentiment and generating video views.


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Carlos Fernández Reig
About The Author - Carlos Fernández Reig
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