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Hispanic Population Grew 18% More Than Others In Washington D.C.

Hispanics gain more representation, and most U.S. states will have a significant Latino population in the near future. Currently, 16 states have at least a half-million Hispanic residents, a number that demolishes misconceptions. One such misconception is that Latino community is exclusively concentrated on large urban centers like New York or Los Angeles.

Facebook Reinvents Itself With A New Profile And Music And TV Applications

Today Facebook introduced new features that will be implemented soon. At the F8 Conference, a Facebook developer event in San Francisco, the social network surprised everyone with new features and changes to user profile pages.

Obama Reassures Markets With Jobs and Tax Reform Promises

On September 8th at a joint session of Congress the President of the United States, Barack Obama, promised tax cuts in exchange for employment stimulus. The President hopes the proposed bill will provide some relief to one of the most serious problems the Obama administration has faced: unemployment, which has hovered at a painful rate of 9% according to the latest data in September.

The Ad of The Week: “Back To Start” (CAA Marketing)

Burritos, enchiladas, tacos… Who is not fascinated by the intense flavors of Mexican food? Believe it or not, this week we don´t try to open your appetite, nor will show you an ad produced by a Hispanic creative agency. This time we want to highlight the responsible work of “Chipotle Cultivate Foundation”, a non-profit organization established by the popular restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Women and Minorities in Business: A Lack of Representation

In the United States today, the challenge of creating a business environment with more diversity is a high priority for many leading companies. Including ethnic minorities in boardrooms and executive positions are some of the strategies used when companies try to achieve this goal. However minorities holding these positions are still very low. Surveys show minorities hold only 15% of management positions in Fortune 500 companies.

10 Key Goals In Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is integrated into most marketing strategies. In fact, 38% of advertisers always integrate social media functionality into their campaigns, and 34% do it frequently. Only 2% of social network advertisers have never been part of advertising planning, according to the study “The Rise of the Social Advertising“.

Hispanic Community Key Target For Music Industry Advertising

New trends are always surrounding the Music industry, especially in the technology arena. A few weeks ago, for example, the “streaming” music service Spotify exceeded expectations with their launch in the United States. After its presentation on July 14, the music service surpassed 70,000 accounts in the first week, according to the prestigious music magazine Billboard.

The Challenge Of Measuring ROI in Social Media

HubSpot, the Internet marketing software company, recommends companies start thinking about how their marketing agency measures ROI for a marketing campaign. Measuring the ROI is not an easy task and for many marketers it is even more challenging to prove the revenue for a social media management team. What are we measuring? Do we count the number of fans, followers, comments, “likes” or “retweets”? Do we evaluate the brand perception? Should we just consider the revenue from sales?

The Hispanic Ad Of The Week: “Madres y Comadres”

This month Kmart launched its first brand-produced Spanish video series distributed through YouTube for U.S. Latina moms. “Madres y Comadres” is an eight-part original Spanish-language miniseries focused on Hispanic mothers and the unique challenges they face raising a family in America while also remaining true to their Hispanic identity.

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